Music Therapy

Music therapy is an interactive and primarily non-verbal form of therapeutic intervention. It uses a child-led approach to help children express themselves, become more aware of their feelings and interact more easily.  Music and sounds are used as the medium for communiaction and expression, and the instruments that are provided are easily accessible for children to play. 

Children are referred for a variety of different reasons and aims for the sessions might include:

  • Developing early communication skills; shared attention, listening and responding
  • Providing emotional support and an outlet for a range of feelings
  • Developing self-confidence

The therapist also works with small groups, often run jointly with the speech and language therapy team. These sessions are more structured and use different activities to develop social skills and awareness. Aims for these sessions might include:

Mel Boswell

  • Developing a greater awareness of self and others
  • Improving social interaction skills including taking turns, waiting and listening
  • Making choices and developing relationships with peers

The music therapist has frequent opportunities to communicate with staff and parents and contributes reports to review meetings.

Our music therapist is Mel Boswell and is employed by Bristol MusicSpace, a music therapy charity. The school buys in this specialist service for one day per week.

To find out more about music therapy and the MusicSpace charity visit

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